Shadows on Fire

Burning Blades, Journal #04

SoF Chapter 01 - Burning Blades

Eighth of Vernus Seun, Year 358.

After one more day on the road, the group made it to Varraine. The trip was at least a bit more comfortable, thanks to the ride on the wagon offered by elven vintners. Jenawyn and Delai offered the PCs dinner for their help, and once they got settled at the inn in town (Fat Cats Inn), the elves also informed the adventurers that their night’s stay was their treat, as well.

The evening at the inn was busy, but before the dinner rush, Kira was able to sell some of her wares. Tahnia and Skala-Metall had friendly conversation with another bar patron, which was a change from the norm, given their races. Karjahni earned more than a couple admirers from her night’s dance performance. Raeseryn made a new acquaintance, thanks to their mutual love of jaunty hats. While he refused to divulge his name, he did offer up some information that the group had been asking about.

The strange half-elf provided a bit of history regarding Sheila’s Blades, a bandit group from 30 years ago. He verified that the medallion they found is indeed from the Blades, though he also explained that Sheila, their vicious leader, was finally captured in an ambush and publicly executed before her body was burned to ash. He has heard rumor of new bandit activity in the area, but couldn’t confirm who was behind it.

During dinner, the inn’s cook, Derin, asked if the adventurers were the very same who saved Jenawyn and Delai from certain harm. He explained that his son, Kory, had recently departed with a group who claimed they were adventurers. They seemed unsavory though, and he is worried that his son had been played the fool. Some other locals mentioned later that Derin’s worrying over nothing; Kory had always hated the small-town life, and he dreams for something grander. This was just his ticket out. Either way, the group left nearly a week ago, and they were supposedly headed out for the ruins northwest of town. The ruins were once a temple to one of the Old Gods, and it takes about a week and a half to get there by the usual roads and trails that wind around the hillside. However, the party was told of a shortcut: back through the forest they just came from, there’s a trail that heads toward the hills. There, they will find a cave that travels through the hillside; the other end of the cave system opens up to the ruins.

After a good evening of food, drink, and a roof over their heads, the group retired for the night.

Ended: Eighth (retiring for the night) of Vernus Seun, Year 358.



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