Shadows on Fire

Burning Blades, Journal #02

SoF Chapter 01 - Burning Blades

Fourth of Vernus Seun, Year 358

Our budding adventurers tried to get information out of the captive goblins, and succeeded in learning that goblins are quick to throw their supposed comrades under the wagon wheels if they think it’ll save their own skin. Since the two goblins gave conflicting information—and both were obviously lying—the adventurers decided to get some rest and continue the search for their friend Sevrik in the morning.

Upon awaking, they discovered another adventurer (and a friend to Kira) watching their camp. Raeseryn, the scoundrel retired pirate, was on her way to join up with Sevrik when she discovered evidence that likewise led her to this same location.

After getting somewhat acquainted, the party rallied to the goblin lair, explored its dingy and stinky depths, and discovered the remains of their dead friend. Along with his remains, they learned an important lesson: the adventuring life is a dangerous one; do not go alone.

Our group lit a funeral pyre (and perhaps torched the rest of the cave) before heading out, only to be attacked before they could fully flee!

In addition to the discovery of the cave, uncovering the truth of their friend, and laying his body to rest, the party slayed three goblins and a worg.

Gained: 45 GP each. 100 XP each. A Potion of Barkskin. (See Party Items list.)



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